CYBER SECURITY FOR BROADCASTERS 6 key steps in securing your network from Cyber Threats

  • DATE : June 9th 2020
  • TIME : 10 AM – 11:00 AM EST

What Will You Learn:

  • Top Cyber threats today.
  • How to Protect your network.
  • Get Insights into your network.
  • Predict Prevent Protect & Defend.
  • 6 Step by steps to get control of your network.



With a strong mathematics and engineering background, Mr. O'Brien was known during his military career as an out of the box thinker who questioned conventional thinking and contributed to modifying doctrine.

After his career, he spent time supporting the DOD and Intelligence community in various roles that leveraged his technical approaches and desire to combat global threats. In his personal quest to create automated insight for combating the global war on terror, Mr. O’Brien worked to leverage IBM’s machine learning technology to help the DOD take advantage of the opportunities presented by adversary actions and decisions.

After leaving IBM to start YaData Solutions, he and his co-founders realized the power of what happens when machine learning systems in one organization or system are able to interact with lots of other machine learning systems. Since then, his team’s goal is to create systems that will learn from one another. While supporting the United States Special Operations Community, Global Combatant Commands, the USMC, the US Army, and other strategic intelligence organizations, YaData went beyond the concept of data sharing and correlation. The company delivered analytic platforms that integrated human lessons learned from complex combat operations.

After selling the company, Sean and his team's vision expanded. Today, @RISK focuses on democratizing analytics. The team has over 150 years and $400,000,000 in Big Data, A.I., and Cyber experience. @RISK's Quorum Technology provides customers a single pane of glass that enables an interactive orchestration of vision, mission, strategy, initiatives, and tasks because Quorum enhances and corroborates both available and new data across the existing information security program. Its 8-Step systems theory corroboration approach creates a "Security Operations Center (SOC) in a Box".

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