Emetteur Gigativy

High Power Transmitter “Gigativy” From 1,5kW – 128kW

Liquid Cooled

Thanks to its smart integration system, Gigativy features lowest operating costs, flexible architecture and provides for easy operation with outstanding performances.

Medium Power Transmitter “Megativy II” From 500 W to 4000W

Air Cooled

As part as global energy efficiency design, Megativy II transmitters feature a complete modular design for quick installation and easy monitoring. Upgradable in power and easy to install on a single rack, this latest design is available with an air cooled system.

Emetteur Megativy
Emetteur Dreamline

Low Power Transmitter “Dreamline II” From 5W to 120W RMS UHF Digital Transmitter

Air Cooled

Providing unmatched high power potential, Dreamline II’s compact design offers minimized operational expenses and allows for multiplexed solutions, packed into 19 inches of cabinet space.