Emetteur radio S7HP

Long/Medium Wave Transmitter – S7HP Neo

LW/MW Radio Transmitters

Thomson Broadcast’s S7HP neo integrates all the latest innovations based on the technology developed for the defense market. S7HP neo provides extreme reliability while benefiting from a long field proven experience in radio transmission for outstanding signal availability. The latest technology in optical fiber links, SiC junction transistors and new power supply concept have been implemented t

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Emetteur Gigativy

High Power Transmitter – Gigativy

Liquid Cooled

Gigativy is the latest product design by Thomson Broadcast, specifically engineered for the ATSC 3.0 transition for broadcasters. Gigativy offers a smooth and cost-efficient digital switch from DSO, offering higher quality content broadcast for greater value. Thanks to its smart integration system, Thomson Broadcast’s Gigativy promotes low operating costs through its flexible architecture and pr

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Emetteur Megativy

Mid Power Transmitter – Megativy II

Air Cooled

As part of a global energy efficient design, Megativy II transmitters feature a complete modular design for quick installation and easy monitoring. Upgradable in power and easy to install on a single rack, this latest design is available in both an air and water cooled system. Megativy II is ideal for your digital migration needs for wider coverage and reliable fluidity between all digital standar

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Emetteur Dreamline

Low Power Transmitter – Dreamline II

Air Cooled

Providing unmatched high-power potential, Dreamline II offers a compact design that minimizes operational expenses and allows for multiplexed solutions, packed into 19 inches of cabinet space. Complete with an array of options from satellite receiver or UHF/VHF receiver, Dreamline II offers digital adaptive pre-correction for network efficiency, up to 8 MPLP. A built in 1 to 1 redundancy functiona

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