Emetteur Moyenne Puissance – Megativy Neo

Megativy NEO révolutionne la radiodiffusion avec une puissance et une efficacité inégalées, offrant jusqu'à 13,6 kW de sortie. Doté d'amplificateurs de puissance Doherty haute efficacité et d'u...

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High Power Transmitter – Gigativy Neo

Gigativy NEO introduces cutting-edge broadcasting technology with unparalleled power capabilities, reaching up to 44kW for UHF and 43kW for VHF Band III. Leveraging high-efficiency Doherty power ampli...

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Emetteur Gigativy

High Power Transmitter – Gigativy

Liquid Cooled

Gigativy is the latest product design by Thomson Broadcast, specifically engineered for the ATSC 3.0 transition for broadcasters. Gigativy offers a smooth and cost-efficient digital switch from DSO, o...

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Emetteur Megativy

Mid Power Transmitter – Megativy II

Air Cooled

As part of a global energy efficient design, Megativy II transmitters feature a complete modular design for quick installation and easy monitoring. Upgradable in power and easy to install on a single ...

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Emetteur Dreamline

Low Power Transmitter – Dreamline II

Air Cooled

Providing unmatched high-power potential, Dreamline II offers a compact design that minimizes operational expenses and allows for multiplexed solutions, packed into 19 inches of cabinet space. Complet...

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