Thomson Broadcast Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver Channel in the Cloud for Broadcasters


Partnership to deliver a robust and scalable solution for OTT & OTA platforms.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – April 27TH, 2022, Thomson Broadcast, a world leader in the broadcast and infrastructure industries, has partnered with Google Cloud to enable the Channel in the Cloud solutions for broadcasters. Through this partnership, Thomson Broadcast will help broadcasters create, manage and deliver content through the broadcast chain, operating on Google Cloud’s global, flexible, and open infrastructure.

Thomson Broadcast’s cloud-based solution, “Channel in the Cloud,” enables broadcasters to monetize compelling and interactive content through traditional IP or broadcast chains, which allows broadcasters to effectively reach their target audiences. The company has also developed new over-the-top (OTT) and over-the-air (OTA) offerings to address emerging trends in the space. This partnership with Google Cloud will enable Thomson Broadcast to further address customer needs for high availability, increased scalability and maximized performance for OTA & OTT services, while simultaneously reducing operational costs, complexity and scalable solutions worldwide.

Emerging video landscape service providers require similar viewing experiences between live broadcast and OTT + OTA applications to scale and bring interactivity through ATSC 3.0 standards. With this partnership, OTT streaming services and OTA traditional broadcasters will be able to leverage Thomson’s Channel in the Cloud solutions on Google Cloud’s secure and global infrastructure to deliver seamless video experiences to viewers with low latency and at scale.

The rapid growth of OTT combined with OTA solutions will enable broadcasters to reach broadband and non-broadband users when delivering video content. OTT service providers can also increase video network stability and channel uptime speeds with Thomson’s high availability deployment options, all of which run on Google Cloud.

“The combination of OTT and OTA along with the easy management for the broadcaster enables us to provide rich and interactive media, adopting ATSC 3.0 standards.” said Aby Alexander, President of Thomson Broadcast. “Thanks to our partnership with Google Cloud, the broadcaster can create, manage and deliver using the cloud through a single dashboard, delivering a powerful experience.”

“Providing broadcast organizations with solutions that offer low latency and increased time to value is important in today’s increasingly digital world,” said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media And Entertainment Partnerships. “We’re thrilled to partner with Thomson Broadcast to help broadcasters deploy OTT and channel solutions in their cloud environments so they can deliver scalable video services to customers at global scale.”

About Thomson Broadcast

Thomson Broadcast, headquartered in Paris, France and US operations based in West Palm Beach, FL US. Thomson Broadcast has deployed more than 50,000 equipment’s in more than 170 countries, actively participating in the evolution of television and radio transmission. Through the development of the Pulse Step Modulation (PSM) in Radio and creating the automatic Digital Adaptive Pre-Correction (DAP), Thomson Broadcast has largely contributed to shaping the transmission market in both TV and radio. All these have led to the success in winning multiple awards and gaining more than 50 patents in technologies that have become fundamental in broadcast industry.

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