‘Gigativy’ engineered by Thomson Broadcast, the reference in cost efficient high-power TV transmitters for ATSC 3.0


High efficiency, wide band, Green Power liquid cooled and engineered for frequency agility and shift between 1.0 and 3.0 ATSC systems, Gigativy is the latest innovation by Thomson Broadcast. Specifically designed for full power stations, Gigativy can reach up to 18kW through 12 power amplifiers in a single cabinet, or higher power in multiple cabinets. Designed specifically for the repack ATSC 1.0 and 3.0, Gigativy provides a continuous and homogenous stream in UHF band (470 to 600MHz), guaranteeing a smooth transition.

Furthering Thomson’s commitment to GreenPower transmission solutions, Gigativy boasts the latest Doherty technology integrated into its liquid cooled range. Designed to optimize heat exchangers and circulators with an electronic commutated technology, Thomson has expanded its cooling systems range. Offering the possibility of reducing operating costs, Gigativy is designed to maximize savings up to 15% on energy, and reduce equally vibration noise, improve motor-fan life, all while ensuring lower operating costs.

Thanks to its sleek, compact design, Gigativy allows for easy access to all modules, hot plugs amplifiers and a unique all in one sliding cabinet system. Gigativy joins the ATSC 1.0 -3.0 product line of transmitters, specifically designed for the spectrum repack, including Megativy and Dreamline products.


“We are dedicated to assisting broadcasters during the repack and we are confident that our newest configurations implemented in Gigativy, as well as our full ATSC product line will bring a disruption in what we see currently with other transmitter solutions, says Yves Nogues, Head of TV Department – Thomson Broadcast.

Gigativy will be featured at the Las Vegas NAB show from April 9-12 on Thomson’s stand, SU 6525.

About Thomson Broadcast
Since the earliest years of broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with expertise and innovation at the highest level. A trusted partner to the world’s leading broadcasters, Thomson has pioneered many developments that have shaped the industry, such as leading innovation in solid-state technology. With more than 50,000 active Thomson transmission systems deployed worldwide and a global support presence, Thomson Broadcast continues to forge technologies for the future, with initiatives such as the innovative GreenPower, broadcast/mobile convergence programs and most recently the Addition of an ATSC 1.0-3.0 product line based on efficient power saving solutions.
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