Synonymous with expertise and innovation in the field of broadcast, Thomson Broadcast is responsible for numerous developments that continue to shape the broadcast industry today. As part of its long-standing history, Thomson was responsible for the first live radio transmission from the Eiffel Tower in 1937 under the name “Compagnie Génerale de Télégraphie Sans Fil” (General Wireless Telegraphy Company).

From 1995, Thomson Multimedia (TMM) specialized in consumer goods and later as ThomsCast, leading the way to investing into the Thales Broadcast & Multimedia Division in 2005. In 2010, Thomson underwent a change in name to Tehnicolor, following a separation from Thomson Grass Valley. From 2012 – 2018, the Thomson Broadcast brand was acquired by the Arelis Group, focusing on Radio and Terrestrial Television transmission activities, both civil and military.

Following the acquisition by Group Sipromad in August 2018, Thomson Broadcast is currently managed as part of the Technology Business Unit under the entity Phenixya.

As a driving force in the field of transmission, Thomson Broadcast has pioneered innovations in solid-state technologies including Digital Adapative Pre-Correction (DAP), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). All these have led to the success in winning multiple Emmy Awards and gaining more than 50 patents in technologies that have become fundamental in broadcast today.

Thomson Broadcast has deployed more than 50,000 equipments in more than 170 countries, actively participating in the evolution of television and radio transmission. Through the development of the Pulse Step Modulation (PSM) in Radio and creating the automatic Digital Adaptive Pre-Correction (DAP), Thomson Broadcast has largely contributed in shaping the transmission market in both TV and radio.


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“Follow your dreams, they will guide each of your steps.”

A message from Ylias Akbaraly, Chairman of Thomson Broadcast

Our passion transcends our services and products, leading us to always give our best, without compromising our values or our ethics.

In doing so, we are sure that we will act for the best, whatever the result may be. The diversity of our people, brands and markets is a real wealth for Group Sipromad.

We have ambitions, but reasonable goals and we are confident in making them happen. At Group Sipromad we have the potential to impact the future. We build this future not only in using modern products and services to satisfy our partners and customers, but also through philanthropy.

Group Sipromad is deeply involved in community life through the Akbaraly Foundation, dedicated to research and development for cancer treatments. Only a sustainable business model taking into account the environment, the society in which we live, and the personal development for our people, will help us to maintain our market position and popularity.