Thomson Broadcast Cloud solution enables broadcasters to Create, Manage, Monetize and Deliver traditional broadcast signals like OTA solutions and OTT Solutions through an innovative and robust Channel in the cloud application. Our Channel in the Cloud Solution enables a playout to signal encoding and distribution with ATSC 3.0 signal to viewers. This ATSC 3.0 signal with interactive elements and applications enables viewers to have an interactive and immersive experience.


This is a cloud based solution that enables any broadcasters to Create Manage, Monetize and Deliver a robust solution. Either the signal acquisition through a traditional network from the studio and enabling this through the cloud and delivering it to the IP as well RF transmission. NextGen Media cloud make this possible seamless. We have partnered with industry leaders to bring this solution to the forefront.

Work Flow For Nextgen Media Cloud


Our Channel in the Cloud solution enables broadcasters to get the video signal to the cloud and integrate it with ATSC 3.0 enabled applications. This solution is easily integrated between our partners for signal acquisition, test and measurement, playout features, encoding features and transmission from the transmission tower to the viewers.

Our partnership with Pace Media provides playout in the cloud for remote access to anyone who needs to manage production features. Synamedia then enables video encoding, allowing you to deliver superior video quality into any format, delivering through the cloud with the powerful and enterprise-class vDCM and other elements.

Triveni Digital’s Cloud-based GuideBuilder®, Transport Encoder, Broadcast Gateway scheduler, and Redundancy Switch, fully integrates with Synamedia’s vDCM and Thomson Broadcast’s transmitter and applications delivering a complete end to end solution for broadcasters.

Architecture diagram of NextGen Media Cloud with Channel in the Cloud by Thomson Broadcast.

Now broadcasters can optimize transmission reliability and emergency recovery with both over the air and broadband cloud delivery for ATSC 3.0. Our centralized cloud operations ensure a secure broadcast communications path within the cloud instances and the connection to the exciter through our Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.