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Thomson Broadcast Company Profile
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THOMSON Broadcast has a long and extensive experience in the fields of Digital Terrestrial Transmissions (DTTV) and AM Radio including DRM. The company designs, manufactures, integrates and tests in France, markets and sells Television and Radio transmitters including all types of associated auxiliaries.

Since its creation, the company holds extensive experience of innovation at the service of public and private broadcasters with more than 50 active patents, some of them being used for the most fundamental technologies that current drive the broadcast industry.

THOMSON Broadcast has deployed more than 50,000 equipment in 170 countries.

THOMSON Broadcast has shaped the transmission market, 1st launching solid-state television, developing the Pulse Step Modulation (PSM) in Radio and creating the automatic Digital Adaptive Pre-Correction (DAP).

THOMSON Broadcast has revolutionized television and radio transmission.

Pioneer of Broadcast Solutions & Advanced Research

More than 50 active patents among which 3 rewarded by technical Emmy awards

THOMSON Broadcast actively contributes to key standards bodies that make the brand an influential actor:

  • Founding member of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) standard,
  • Active member of the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and main contributor to the DVB-T2 standard
  • Proactive member on the Advanced Television System Committee standard (ATSC 3.0)
  • Secretary of the Technical Committee of the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC)
  • In charge of the T2-MI interface and PAPR DVB-T2 definitions in the frame of the European program called CELTIC.


Group Profile – Sipromad – Phenixya Management

Sipromad Group represents more than 3,100 employees worldwide and is organized into a conglomerate of 7 business activities: Industry, Technology, Finance, Real estate, Tourism & Civil aviation, Agro-business and Renewable energies.

THOMSON Broadcast is a 100% subsidiary of Group Sipromad and is part of the Technology Business Unit.