Broadcast in the time of covid-19

Broadcast in the time of covid-19


It was inevitable: The Broadcast industry is adapting to uncertain times caused by the Covid-19 virus. As social distancing and self-isolating measures are applied around the globe, the broadcast industry has faced an unusual and challenging task of abiding by the rules and trying to get information and entertainment out to stay-at-home citizens.

Brought on by a wave of mixed safety instructions by the novel virus and deciding whether it is a good idea to head to the office, some reporters have opted to work from home. Such is the case of Susie Ferguson in New Zealand who has been broadcasting from the comfort of her family office/broadcasting studio[1]

Like Susie, many radio journalists and tv stations have continued to broadcast during confinement, and some have found the pecularly humorous side of broadcasting from home.

Take Jessica Lang, a reporter from Suncoast News Network in Tampa, who was filming a report direct from her kitchen before being interrupted by her dad, prompting for this anecdotal headline [2]:

Some TV networks have taken steps in informing the public and equipping their news anchors with makeshift at home studios – live from the family room, kitchen or basement!

“Live…from my basement…this is TODAY.”shared TODAY host, Savannah Guthrie on her instagram [3].

As we continue to follow the developments of Covid-19 across the globe on broadcast news, the process of producing, mixing and editing will require changes to the studio infrastructure.

The technical side of things will require much more support and applications adapted for the comforts and constraints of home – sound reduction, quality sound, etc.[4].

In a time where broadcasters, national and local, must learn to adapt to the constraints brought on by Covid-19, keeping the public informed is no simple task without the right help!

Consider the benefits of a cloud based solution [5]:

  • Faster service delivery cycle of the OTT entrants
  • Scalability to handle live events and demand for popular services
  • Ability to collect, store and conduct analytics on large data, generating insights to drive personalization, services and customer experience
  • Drive innovation through agile development

As confinement continues for many states, will broadcasting from home become the norm? Are you considering a migration toward a cloud based application?
Not sure what is the best option for you?

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