TV Transmission

Low Power Transmitter + Dreamline II

From 5 W – 120 W

Air Cooled

Providing unmatched high-power potential, Dreamline II offers a compact design that minimizes operational expenses and allows for multiplexed solutions, packed into 19 inches of cabinet space. Complete with an array of options from satellite receiver or UHF/VHF receiver, Dreamline II offers digital adaptive pre-correction for network efficiency, up to 8 MPLP. A built in 1 to 1 redundancy functionality is also available as an option in order to optimize continuous coverage while taking into account spatial constraints.


  • Integrated real-time DAP allows for corrections on linear and nonlinear distortions generated by output mask filters and amplifier distortions.
  • Changing an RF output channel has never been easier thanks to a simple command – accessible through the front panel or web server, allowing for immediate and automatic adjustment.
  • The Dreamline II transmitter systel is the perfect low-power solution for both Multi-Frequency Networks (MFN) and Single Frequency Networks (SFN).
  • Dreamline transmitters are easy to install into any standard EIA 19in. wide cabinet, offering multiplexed cost efficient solutions.
  • The platform includes a built-in SNMP agent and relays interface as well as a web-based user interface for easy, full remote control.
  • Thanks to its sleek and simple design, Dreamline II is designed for simplified maintenance procedures and non recurring maintenance operations in mind.
  • Dreamline II – install and forget it!