VHF TV Transmitters From Grass Valley Now Ready for DAB


Grass Valley™ is enriching its Thomson branded family of Elite transmission products at IBC 2009 with the introduction of DAB to address the fast-growing development of digital radio in VHF Band III.

The DAB exciter shares the same hardware platform as all other transmission standards and offers full compatibility with the new DAB+ and T-DMB modes to address not only the digital radio market, but also mobile broadcasting including multimedia and video services.

With its recent evolutions in terms of spectrum efficiency, receivers availability and costs, DAB is currently one of the fastest growing standards. Following the success of digital TV deployments, a similar digitalization process is going on worldwide for radio, and DAB is definitely the appropriate answer to deliver quality broadcasting. Its suitability for nationwide digital radio roll-outs has already been demonstrated and the cost of receivers is no longer a barrier with a wide variety of devices available leading to a rapid increase in sales of receivers.

A pioneer in DAB modulation since the early 90’s, Thomson transmitters from Grass Valley now offer advanced solutions with ultra efficient modulation driving any standard Elite VHF transmitter. The VHF Elite 100, ranging from 200W up to 2 kW, is the best solution available for DAB coverage requirements, delivering flexibility in installation, high-efficiency performance, and ease of maintenance, reducing equipment cost of ownership.

“Benefiting from our experience in VHF transmission, as well as from the cutting edge technological performances of our Elite family, we offer highly reliable DAB solutions with superior quality sound and rich media services,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “The flexibility of our Elite transmitters is unmatched, as it easily converts between TV, radio, and mobile TV broadcasting using the same open exciter.”

The Thomson branded Elite DAB transmitters from Grass Valley also make use of real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) for an excellent stability and signal quality as well as deep diagnostic capabilities through an SNMP agent and a built-in Web server to monitor the equipment status.

At IBC 2009, Grass Valley will demonstrate the robustness of its DAB exciter, transmitting audio and video content to DAB receivers, as well as its comprehensive portfolio of digital radio platforms which includes DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale).

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